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Don't Cry Hinata! by 00prettypurple Don't Cry Hinata! :icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 8 0
The Past is The Past
    Five white fingers released its hold on the smooth wooden frame and hovered over the thin coat of glass before gently caressing its clean surface. Her reflection started shining in its glory as the rays of the sun leaked through her window touching the glass with its infinite light. The girl stared at her reflection for a moment examining her indigo hime-styled bangs and pale complexion but then her image became distorted as the sun was enshrouded by a large, passing cloud. Her eyes then immediately came in contact with what the glass was protecting for all these years.
    A delicate and old photo was beneath it, staring back at her. Four people stood in the picture all of them putting on the faces they felt comfortable with. She remembered how she felt right before the photo was taken. It was pure joy. But that was the past. Memories full of moments loathing to be re-lived, but she knew just how impossible the idea seemed.
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 1 2
I stared out the window as my history teacher preaches on about the devastating bombing of Hiroshima in World War II. It is a middle school subject, but I guess he wanted to ramble on about some random points in history.
 Normally I would be listening because this is my favorite subject in school. It excites me as I learn about the past that made the present what it is today. I get too attached to the past I don’t even care about the future. Reading or learning about the past lifetimes of geniuses and founding fathers ignites my inner nerd.
 The World Wars were the only thing that really caught me off guard. It always kept me at the edge of my seat as the battle between powerful countries fought bravely. It was actually really touching acknowledging the warriors and soldiers’ sacrifice that it left a crack on the protective stone walls enclosing my heart.
But today I wasn’t in the mood as the rain continuously pounded against the windows
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 0 0
Girl Talk
This story contains erotic scenes, but not as much. The bold symbolizes what Naruto is thinking.
  “So… Guys now let’s get down on more dirty talk…” Ino said as the laughter ceased. She looked at the faces of her friends and smirked, “If you know what I mean.” Ino wiggled her eyebrows and saw the nervous glances fly around the room.
“Ino… I don’t think we would be comfortable talking about things like… that.” Tenten said as a shiver ran down her spine. To her it was embarrassing talking about her personal things with Neji.
“Yeah, Tenten is right it will feel very weird.” Sakura surprisingly said as she avoided her best friend’s stares.
“I strongly agree with Tenten-san.” Hinata said as her blush was evident on her cheeks. All girls then turn their attention to Hinata. They circled around her and looked like they were ready to tie her up
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 7 1
Letters Naruhina
          Receiving letters from a person you don’t know isn't creepy… right?
Hinata Hyuuga sighed as she rubbed her temples gently from the same reoccurring question that has been in her mind for weeks now.
I mean it’s not creepy if the person leaves encouraging letters with a sakura petal tapped on the front, right? It symbolizes peace and beauty, what could be so wrong with that?
Though, she keeps having doubts as the letters continued and she is dying to know who this person is.
The letter proclaims himself as Kou.
Which left Hinata confused as she could not recollect of any one she’s met going by the name Kou adding to her anxiety.
The letters can easily be a person deceiving her for the one and only thing people would possibly want from her… her eyes.
On some days she would push all these thoughts away and actually enjoy the letters for they make her smile and laugh.
But as she reached the end of every letter she
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 9 3
Best Friend's Brother
Just a story that I made
I looked him in the eye while his blank stare shot me like an unexpected gust of wind. I kept my eyes focused on his features as they were at first unnoticed, but now forced upon my vision. He decided to look away and walk past me mumbling about something to himself. I, seeing nothing now, walked in too while placing my baggage down on the hardwood floorboards of the living room.
My eyes followed him as he made his way through the living room and into the corridor that led to the two bedrooms. Once he disappeared from sight I let out a deep sigh and made my way to the normal-sized black leather couch and sat down in frustration.
"I'm so killing you, Christine!" I said under my breath.
"Count me in." I heard him say though his voice echoed by the distance. Upon hearing his voice I grabbed the nearest pillow and smashed my face against it.
"Kill me now." I muffled.
"I would if it wasn't illegal." Dammit, his stupid voice again. I threw the pil
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 1 0
A Problematic Problem
Naruto smiles his toothy and bright smile as he sets his eyes upon a certain person as he studies her from afar. His smile turned into a grin as he watches her walked down the streets of Konoha and smile politely while having small conversations with the villagers.
He wasn’t a stalker, well that’s what he kept telling himself, but he can’t help it. Ever since the day he accidentally spied on her while she was training by herself in a small field he just couldn’t stop himself from that day forward.
He smirked as he remembered how she moved swiftly, or how she was able to attack so many dummies with just the palm of her hand, or how her lavender eyes held courage and fierceness, but at the same time tenderness, or how she had a goddesses-like figure that was constantly hidden from other people’s eyes, but her own.
Yep, you guessed it.
Naruto has a crush on the Hyuuga heiress though this crush doesn’t feel the slight same as the cru
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 9 12
You're Back...
Hinata wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him close taking in his scent that filled her nostrils. She closed her eyes as she treasured the moment that was unfolding and was smiling like a maniac. She felt him wrap his own arms around her waist and pulled her close to him chuckling as he did.
"You're back," I whispered into his ear as I felt my eyes water.
"I'm back," He said softly in response as he tightens his hold.
Naruto just came back from his two year training with Ero-Senin and Hinata couldn't be happier. She was caught by surprise as she was heading out to a mission she recently got from Tsunade. She was done packing up to go head out to her lone mission, but as she reached the gate ready to disappear into the forest to her destination she squinted as she saw two silhouettes approaching the Konoha gate from where she was standing. She stiffened and stood still like a statue as she saw who the two silhouettes were and she didn't know whether her Byakugan eyes was deceiv
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 12 12
Hokage Speech
The sun appeared over the mountains with its rays of bright and intense light showering over Konoha. The sky was a clear blue without any clouds in sight making the sky stand out even more. The world looking even more green and beautiful than it has been everyday was being completely ignored by a certain ninja as she speeds to the center of the village. Hinata ran as fast as she could as she took in deep breaths. She needed to be there today! She'll never miss it for the world!
"I have to get there!" Hinata shouted in her head.
"… No matter what!" She closed her eyes as she hurried in her steps.
"Besides… Today…" Hinata opened her eyes as she put on a serious face.
"Naruto-kun becomes Hokage!" Hinata exclaimed in her head as she smiled.
 Naruto was always underestimated especially when it came to the fact he says he would become Hokage… But they were proven wrong and I was very happy that he did. Naruto raised his hands in the air in success, he looked
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 14 6
Encouraging Words Warning: THIS IS A SPOILER
  Hinata saw light through her covered eyes and tried her best to open them as she had come to her senses. She peered as the intense light stung her eyes closing them tightly. After a short time Hinata tried again wanting to know more of where she was… Hinata heard faint beeping and hums in the room, but other than that it was complete silence. When Hinata's eyes eventually got used to the blinding light she opened her eyes slowly as she saw the familiar surroundings. It didn't take long for her to figure out she was in the hospital.  She sighed deeply and immediately flinched in pain.
"Note to self – don't sigh," She said in her mind.
Hinata heard faint noises from outside her door. She figured it was nurses and doctors running through the halls desperately getting to patients. Then it hit
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 15 37
Random Girl Colouring by 00prettypurple Random Girl Colouring :icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 0 0 Random Azure Girl Colouring by 00prettypurple Random Azure Girl Colouring :icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 0 2
Hatred or Love Chapter 8
Naruto ran to the hideout happily with Hinata on his back laughing, "Hey, Hinata-chan," Naruto asked her as he reached the hideout and set her down.
"Yes, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked as she was putting down the blanket and getting out the snacks she prepared for them.
Naruto bend down in front of her and grinned, "Here, Happy Anniversary," Naruto said as Hinata gasped and took it from his hands.
"It's the first purple flower ever to grow in our hideout!” Naruto grinned sheepishly. “Found it this morning before I went to pick you up," Naruto said as he started to play with his index fingers.
“I mean it’s nothing that special just a flower, but I promise you I have more in store for the rest of the day! Promise!”
Hinata smiled at him and gave him a small kiss on the cheek, “It’s enough for me.”
Naruto blushed lightly, “Thank you.” She smiled and hugged the flower gently.
Naruto eyed her closely. "Seems like you love that flower so
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 3 0
Hatred or Love Chapter 7
Well, here he is!" Ino said as she left Naruto's body, Hinata still looking up at him was shocked and embarrassed. Naruto started to groan, but is still in the position Ino left him. Naruto looked down at her and froze, he couldn't's like he didn't want to but he had too, his head moved down a little and saw her cleavage then sprung away from her; Blushing lightly.
Hinata was still staring at him shocked then slowly sliding down the tree till' she reached the ground. There was awkward silence between them (Still starring at each other) fireflies started buzzing around them in the dark, it was like time and space stopped right in front of there very own eyes.
"Why the fuck am I here!" Naruto demanded angry as hell which made Hinata flinched, "Uhhh…" Hinata managed to say as she blinked, "I want an answer!" Naruto shouted at her as she lowered her head and tears welled up in her eyes, "WELL?!" Naruto shouted louder, Hinata clenched her hand and stood up, "CAN YOU JUST SHUT
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 3 0
Hatred or Love Chapter 6
"Huh? Why? ," Naruto asked as looked at her and pushed her face back, Ino pouted and crossed her arms
"I have a problem with a guy I like…, "Ino looked away as she blushed, and Naruto saw her blush as proof of her problem
"Sure, "Ino jumped up and down then grabbed his arm and leading him outside
"C'mon! Walk! , "Ino said as she struggled to carry him off his seat. Naruto got up and walked outside
"Let go of my hand…, "Ino looked down and let go of his arm; Naruto walked in front of her and put his hands in his pockets; Ino looked behind her, she saw Kiba giving a thumps up showing his ready. Ino nod
"This better work, the last time I did it, I saw the nine-tailed beast and scared me half to death, whatever… Here I go! , "                           
Mind Transfer No Jutsu
Ino's body fell down lifeless; Kiba grabbed her in time and went be
:icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 4 3
Neko Girl by 00prettypurple Neko Girl :icon00prettypurple:00prettypurple 3 0

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I have been watching some episodes from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. I was watching the Bikochu Arc and whenever I saw Hinata and Naruto even facing each other I say this:

That's you're future wife, Naruto. You gonna have beautiful babies with her. You're gonna have the best life you will ever have. The life you have always dreamed of! And Hinata's you're future wife, KYAA~! 

LOL. I can't stop!! Even on fanart! On AMVs! On the trailer! On the episodes! EVERYTHING. (Even on some anti-naruhina stuff. lol.) 

The sense of pride in always believing, hoping, and shipping Naruhina. :iconheartrollplz: 

Its been days and weeks since Naruhina became canon but the feeling will NEVER EVER go away. Its such an everlasting pleasure~! 

I want to see their love story and how it unfolds. Their story will never be forgotten. They will always stay in our hearts. <3


None of ur business e_e
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:iconblue-nplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-rplz::iconblue-uplz: :iconnarutosmile-plz: To Change
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TsubakiXBlack Star

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I LOVE ANIME/MANGA! PERIOD.!!!! :iconexcitedblushplz:

I LOVE every one of these groups!! :iconnaruhina-plz:

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HINATA! Forever! <3 :iconcute-plz: :iconhinatacuteplz:

I LOVE HER!! SHE'S SO AWESOME! :iconcrazyblushplz:

I know it won't come true...BUT THIS COUPLE IS SOO CUTE!! :iconnekosasukeplz:

I LOVE TO WRITE!! :iconhappyhappyplz:


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